I work in the field of stellar astronomy. My research is largely observational in nature and based on  X-ray, UV, and optical observations from space-based and ground-based observatories. I am interested in understanding how the magnetic activities on low-mass stars change with time as well as with the evolutionary stages. I am interested in studying the spot-topographic evolutions on the stellar surface, the surface differential rotations, the post-flare coronal loop oscillations, the flaring activities on the stars, and the exoplanetary systems if exist. These investigations on the stellar environments provide very useful constrains to the stellar magnetic dynamo theory. This also helps to understand the planetary habitability conditions on the stellar environments. Apart from this, my interests also extend to study the stellar wind properties of single and binary massive stellar systems, X-ray binaries, and X-ray transients as well as compact objects.

Research Focus
Magnetic Activities in Late-type stars -
  • Surface inhomogeneities 

  • Surface Differential Rotations

  • Flares

  • Superflares

  • Habitability on planet-hosting stars

Magnetic Activities in Early-type stars 

  • Wind Properties

Optical / IR Astronomy

  • Photometry

  • Polarimetry

  • Spectroscopy

X-ray Astronomy

  • Temporal Analysis

  • Spectral Analysis

  • Time-Resolved and Phase-resolved Spectroscopy

Research Interest