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Quasi-Periodic Pulsation in the decay phase of a flare on AB Dor

Oscillation periods versus damping times of monotonously-decaying quasi-harmonic quasi-periodic pulsation (QPP) occurring the decay phases of solar and stellar flares in the X-ray emission. Blue and green color filled circles represent data for solar and stellar flares, respectively, as studied by Cho et al. (2016). Red filled circles represent data points for AB Dor QPPs studied here. Solid color lines are the logarithmic linear regression fits to the data points, corresponding to the respective sets of flares. The grey shaded area around the solid lines of different colors is the 1 sigma confidence band for respective regression fits. The best fitting parameters are given by the text of the respective colors. The black solid line represents a linear fit of all the data points combined. Histogram density plots for damping time and period are shown along the right and top borders of the plot. Dash colored lines on the histograms correspond to mean values of the damping time and periods, respectively. Corresponding values of the mean damping time and mean period are printed near the dashed lines.

[Image Credit: Kalugodu et al. (2022)]


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