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High-resolution quiescent X-ray Spectra of SZ Psc

Time-integrated high-resolution XMM-Newton Reflection Grating Spectrometer spectra of the quiescent segment have been shown. The top-left panel shows the first-order spectra of RGS 1 (light-blue plus symbol) and RGS 2 (orange plus symbol). The top-right panel shows the second-order spectra with the same symbols. A simultaneous spectral fitting of RGS 1 + RGS 2, first order + second order, has been performed. Analyzing these spectra, it has been observed that the high-FIP elements like C, N, O, and Ne are more abundant in the quiescent corona of SZ Psc than the low first ionization potential elements like Fe, Si, and Mg.

[Image Credit: Karmakar et al. (2022)]


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